About us

The RESTDAY company was founded in 1997 by the excellent climber Tomáš Sedláček from Zlín, who is known among climbers as a first ascender of many difficult climbing routes in Teplice Rocks, Adršpach and the Moravian Karst. 

RESTDAY company provides quality service for climbing and trekking shoes using appropriate technologies and materials with an emphasis on quality. Most of the company’s employees are active climbers with extensive climbing experience.


We provide trekking shoe service. Eyelets, seam stitching, heel liners, full and partial resoles, rand repairs…

We have been repairing climbing shoes for many years and we can resole ANY brand of climbing shoes.

We are able to replace the outsole of your cross/running shoe. They will look like new. Please, send us picture first.

In our assortment you can buy UFO-ring, crack gloves, Gilmonte ropes…

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