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Climbing shoe  Resole & Repair

We have been repairing climbing shoes for many years and we can resole ANY brand of climbing shoes. We use the best materials and tools especially “lasts” into the shoe corresponding to the shape of the given model. We are an authorized resoler of La Sportiva and Scarpa. La Sportiva and Scarpa parts are available for most models. We resole La Sportiva climbing shoes, which have no-edge technology, only with original parts. If it is not possible to use original La Sportiva or Scarpa parts, we will choose the original VIBRAM material.


  1. Put clean and dry climbing shoes in the box. (We do not return the original boxes– we do not have enough storage place)
  2. Please fill in the entire order form: Order form for the repair of climbing shoes.
  3. Please mark in the form the material you want, eventually method of repair – sole, rand…
  4. Send the package directly to our contact address – RESTDAY, Napajedelská 226, Otrokovice 76502, Czech Republic
  5. Those, who will be sending their shoes from non-EU countries, please contact us by Email first.


Our current returning time is about 8 weeks. Of course it depends on the damage of the climbing shoes.


After we receive your payment for the repair to our account we will send your shoes to your address. Expect the postage costs depending on weight and post tariffs to the country of sender. There is a possibility of custom duties.


Material for climbing shoes repair

Original La Sportiva
All La Sportiva models except Tarantula and Aragon
Original ScarpaFor most of the models
Vibram XSThickness 3,5mm, high adhesion, softer mixture
Vibram XS ECOThickness 3,5mm, high adhesion, softer mixture
Vibram XS Grip 2Thickness 3,5mm, high adhesion, high performance, softer mixture
Vibram XS EdgeThickness 3,5mm, high adhesion, stiffer mixture
Vibram Flash IndoorThickness 5mm – designed for indoor – climbing walls – gray color
Unparallel softThickness 3,5mm, high adhesion, high performance, softer mixture
(similar to C4)
Unparallel super softThickness 3,5mm, high adhesion, high performance, very soft mixture
CAT rubber (Grippin)Thickness 4mm, high adhesion, softer mixture
Evolv TRAXThickness 4mm, high adhesion, softer mixture
TENERAThickness 4mm, good price-performance ratio

Explanations for the repair of climbing shoes

Solebottom rubber part you are climbing on
Randrubber around the shoe
Lastmodel determining the shape of the climbing shoe
Upper upper part of the shoe, mostly made of leather or fabric
CleaningDon’t wash your climbing shoes

Price list for services

 with VAT
Packagingfor free
Disinfection of shoes3 €

Price list for repair of climbing shoes – sole replacement (prices per pair) *

Sole: with VAT
Original La Sportiva39 €
Original Scarpa39 €
Vibram XS33 €
Vibram XS ECO34 €
Vibram XS Grip 236 €
Vibram XS Edge36 €
Vibram Flash Indoor36 €
Unparallel soft37 €
Unparallel super soft37 €
CAT rubber (Grippin)33 €
Evolv TRAX33 €
Tenera32 €

Price list for repair of climbing shoes – new sole and rand rubber (price per pair)

Sole and rand with VAT
Original La Sportiva49 €
Original Scarpa49 €
Vibram XS43 €
Vibram XS ECO44 €
Vibram XS Grip 246 €
Vibram XS Edge46 €
Vibram Flash Indoor46 €
Unparallel soft47 €
Unparallel super soft47 €
CAT rubber (Grippin)43 €
Evolv TRAX43 €
Tenera42 €

Price list for repair of climbing shoes with no-edge technology– new sole and rand rubber (price per pair)

Sole with VAT
Original La Sportiva45 €
Original La Sportiva and rand48 €

Price list for repair of Andrea Boldrini shoes with no-edge technology (price per pair)

Sole with VAT
Vibram XS Grip 242 €
Vibram XS Grip 2 and rand45 €

Minor Repairs

 with VAT
Original La Sportiva straps4 €
Repair of velcro (hook, loop layer)6 €
Repair of loop/buckles3 €