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Frequently Asked Questions – climbing shoes

Will the shape of my climbing shoes stay the same after the repair?
This is a question of paramount importance to us. It is a crucial question for any climber. We climb too, so we know exactly what’s at  stake. We benefit from our independence. We don’t produce any climbing shoes, so we are absolutely impartial and we pay maximum attention to repairs. For most models, we use original lasts which are a guarantee for maintaining the original shape and size of the repaired shoe.

What is the repair date for climbing shoes?
For technological reasons, we need between 2 and 3 days for the repair. However, the delivery date depends on the number of orders in a given period. Our workload can extend the repair date. This usually happens before weekends and public holidays but it also depends on the season. Nothing can be rushed during the repair. It would always affect the quality of our work, which is our priority.

What are we an authorized service for?
We are the only authorized service point for La Sportiva products in Czech and Slovak Republics. This means that we had to meet all the demanding criteria for repairing climbing shoes of this brand. We are allowed to use La Sportiva‘s original components, especially their original lasts for all models to guarantee the original shape of the shoe. We are also an authorized service for the Ocún and Five-Ten brands.

What is the guarantee for our services?
By law, repaired shoes are guaranteed for 3 months. We have no problems with our quality of work, but if we still need to solve anything after this time (for example, within a year), we will face the problem. If the defect was our fault, we will put everything in order to the customer’s satisfaction.The law is one thing, but customer satisfaction comes first.

How to send us your shoes?
You can use any transport company or the Czech Postal Service. You can send us more pairs of shoes in one package and only one postage will be charged back to you, even if you have multiple pairs in the box.

Choosing the right rubber for your climbing shoes?
We leave the choice of the rubber for the sole to the customer. Every climber prefers certain properties for the rubber for the sole. Some climbers prefer endurance, other adherence, etc. If you are not sure of your choice, don‘t hesitate to contact us for advice. If you do not specify otherwise, we will use the original rubber which was on the shoe when it was produced. (or its closest equivalent).

Other services for climbing shoes: reduction (enlargment) of the climbing shoes
If you feel that your climbing shoes do not fit you, we are able to adjust them while being repaired (during this operation it is necessary to replace not only the sole, but also the rand of the shoe). We can enlarge or reduce (reduction is the most common order) the size of your shoes by about 1 size while repairing them. We don‘t charge any extra fees for this adjustment.

Repairing the rand rubber
We always try to save the rand rubber if possible and change only the sole. However, in most cases the rand rubber is worn from climbing (hole/s in the rand) or there is a very thin layer of the material left which would compromise the resoling of the shoes. Trust our experience, we never do unnecessary jobs.